About Michael

About Michael Obermire


My priorities are set in stone: God, then Family, and then everything else. It was a hard decision to make, but after I made it my life just got easier to live. Not a life without conflict or pain, but easier none-the-less.

Usually it is not too hard to put God first. The tough stuff is trying to balance my wife and kids with all the other stuff life has to offer: job, TV, hunting, fishing, watching football, playing cards, going to college.

To help put all this in a perspective that we can grasp, I wrote a book I called, Warriors – Every Man Matters; because sometimes in the busy world that we live in a man can get lost. I am here to remind you that YOU matter. God says so, and I believe it to be true.

Warriors is a book of 25 short stories, (because we do not have a lot of extra time) that are entertaining, fun, exciting, and real. The stories help us see that setting our priorities with God first and family second is always the best solution for everyone. Read the book and you will understand.


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