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“Warriors has found that elusive ‘sweet spot’.  Equal parts practical and provoking, Michael Obermire and Gary Zelesky speak right into the inner wish of every man to be more than he is right now. But Warriors is no false carrot, it doesn’t dangle before men great ideas, it presents men with great choices … choices every guy can make to improve their life starting now. Books are supposed to inspire the reader and quickly offer safe-haven options that can be acted on today.  Warriors delivers exactly that. Obermire and Zelesky know that men are looking for results. Men need more than a way out of the bottomless pit; they want to ascend to the heights of purpose. Warriors is the perfect game plan for such a journey.”

Scott Hagan,

President, North Central University
Minneapolis, MN

“When a man is willing to fight for his family, community, church, and city, he is becoming a warrior. As men become warriors communities become better. I want every man to become a warrior.  Read this book! It will be one of your best decisions ever.”

Sherwood Carthen (passed)

Lead Pastor – Bayside of South Sacramento, Author of “Amen All By Myself” and Chaplain of NBA’s Sacramento Kings

“Simplicity is the power behind the book WARRIORS: Every Man Matters by Michael Obermire with Gary Zelesky. Its clean cut, multifacetedformat makes it an easy read, yet an effective teaching tool.Obermire hooks the reader with his short action stories, and thenapplies them to our relationship with God. I recommend you get it foryour man today—and then read it yourself. “

Clarice G. James

Author & Editor, Hudson, NH

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