Small Steps

take small steps to change your lifeA friend wrote me to ask about the end of days; what it might look like and when it could happen. A few people think next Saturday is the last day; to my friend I quoted a few verses from Revelations, but basically I replied that I do not know.

This week, I thought more about the concept of the Armageddon, spurred by the billboard ¼ mile from my office touting the end is near, and came to the following conclusion.

Not only do I not know when the second coming of Christ will be – I don’t care! It’s not my call when it will happen: God gets to make that decision. So why worry about it?

The bigger question is, and one written about many times; if I know when it will happen, what would I do differently? How would I change what I am doing today, Monday May 16, 2011, if I knew when the end would arrive?

Let’s play a little “what if” game. Suppose that you know the timing of the end of days, and that it’s not next week but also not longer than 15 years from now. What would you do now?

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