The Real Deal

Your Mercy is limitless.

Your Encouragement for my soul is beyond expression.

Your Righteousness is our only desire.

Your Reality is the basis of all human understanding.

Your Years are infinitely uncountable.


Your Courage smothers the fear that emanates from Hades.

Your Heart holds the love of the universe; yet there is still room for more.

Your Remembrance of my sin is no more, as if it never was.

Your Instincts create reality.

Your Strength covers all of my weakness.

Your Timing is exact and perfectly planned.

Your Motives are pure.

Your Authority is permanent and eternal.

Your Son is our road to salvation.


In December we celebrate the birth of the Only Son, Jesus, of the Only God.  Our God is not a prophet, not a myth, legend or theory.  He is not a character in a very old book, or movie.  God is alive; He always has been and He always will be. Jesus was, is, and forevermore will be, His son.  This is the reason that we celebrate with gifts, lights in our yards, and decorations in our home.  He is why we sing joyous songs and feast with family and friends. Jesus is the reason that we share our blessings with those who have less.

Jesus: The Real Deal.

Merry Christmas!  Thank for reading.

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