Unbroken Glass

Dreams are a fickle animal.  Not the dreams we have while sleeping, although the two can definitely be related, but the dreams we have for our future, or that of a spouse or child.  Dreams are the building blocks of the road that goes up; they’re the yellow bricks that lead to a sunset over a flower filled hill.  Dreams sustain hope, and draw our lips to smile when the circumstances that surround us would dictate otherwise.  A house, a new car, a college diploma, a promotion; these are common dreams, but so are peace, serenity, contentment, belonging, acceptance, and love.  The fulfillment of some dreams then can be seen and touched, being made of wood, stone and steel.  Other dreams are as ghosts, invisible to the eye, but real to the heart and mind.  Hard as a rock or light as air, dreams are a powerful creator of emotions, turning light into darkness, and back again as quickly as a thought.  The importance of having and holding a dream in the context of a full life cannot be overvalued, so then dreams must be carefully constructed and stored in a fortified space, protected from the harsh elements of today. 

It is important that the substance of a dream be just out of reach.  Not so high that a ladder cannot be found to reach it, but not so close that little effort is required to grab it.   It is disheartening to chase a dream for most of your life, and think you will never catch it.  A writer can chase the dream of a published book forever, and many have without ever achieving their dream.  If not for the commercialization of self-publishing, I might still be chasing the first book.  The ladder of self-publishing was tall enough to reach my dream. When the dream is our own, we have more control than when the dream is for someone else.  We must be careful that our hope for others is that they will achieve their own dreams, and not that they will achieve the dream we impose on them.   Dreams are usually not transferrable.

Dreams require commitment, for unless you determine to hold onto the dream throughout good times and bad, it will be like planting a seed in rocky soil.  When the storm comes, the plant has no firm roots, and is washed away.

Dreams ought not be fragile, as if made of glass, but instead should be made from steel, able to withstand the stones and clubs of setbacks, and the arrows of pessimism.  Dreams should be grounded in certainty and commitment, so that when kicked by circumstances and dropped by others lack of need, they will survive, perhaps dented, but still intact.

Lastly, dreams must be owned, not rented.  Our dreams must not be on loan to us, returned when the contract is up, but should be bought and paid for, always possessed by the rightful owner; you. 

How do we choose a dream that can survive the test of time, is valuable and independent to each of us?  How do we display the will to fight for our dream?  The answers to these questions are not simple or quickly found, so I ask a friend for help.  My friend is the creator of the universe; He will help you find your perfect dream, as He did for me.  He is the guru of dream making and dream delivering, and He has great credentials.  Consider this:  His first day on the job He turned water into wine; so making steel from glass or creating strength from weakness is no problem for Him.  That is what He does all day long.

Thanks for reading.

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