Love Happens in the Moments Between Dreams

My bride shifted her leg, just a little, but enough so that my foot no longer touched hers.  That was enough to bring me from a deep slumber into a semi-conscious state where dreams appear real, and reality flickers like a candle on a dark night.  We were spooning, cuddled together under clean sheets and a down comforter, perfectly matched as two spoons in drawer.  She was warm, radiating a soft fire that kept the winter chill from invading our bed.  She says that I am like a heater, always good to keep the bed warm, but it is she who brings warmth.  My knees touch the inside of her thighs, and my left hand rests gently on her hip.  I feel her body rise with every breath, and I hear the soft melody of air caressing her lips.  But my foot is no longer in contact with hers and that causes a ripple in my happiness, so without my asking or prompting, my left foot moves the two inches needed to find her.  And then, having accomplished its goal my foot can be at peace again.  

In that short moment that I am awake in my bed I realize that I fear nothing.  Even though I am a man, and protecting my family is engrained in my being as a responsibility beyond all others, I feel insulated from all that is wrong.  My sense of security and belonging is intense; nothing could bring harm to our lives.  No storm could breach our walls, or flood reach our door.  I am floating in perfection with my wife.  We are one breath, one heartbeat, one touch; a stronger love cannot be found. Then, a moment later I am asleep, and my rest is deep; my peace complete.

It occurs to me that place in between sleeping and cuddling, is what love and marriage are meant to be.   My wife and I are linked so closely in mind and person that separation is not possible, what we have together cannot be undone by space or time.  If we are separated by a mile or a continent, then we are together in our minds, and when we are near enough to touch each other – we will; our combine hearts will have it no other way.  So it is no surprise that when we sleep, we will unconsciously search for, and find each other, because “What God has joined, no man can ever break apart.” 

If you are experiencing what we have, hold on to it with the same intensity as your lungs quest for air.  Nourish it, feed it; make  the growth of that initial spark between you and your spouse the second most important relationship that you hold.  Setting the right priorities in life will keep your dreams sweet.

Thanks for reading.

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6 thoughts on “Love Happens in the Moments Between Dreams

  1. This was very touching, Michael. Made my heart feel very happy. Such a relationship is one that we all strive to have. You are truly blessed.

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