photo (2)She is perfect.  From the tip of her black hair covered head to the bottom of her finger sized feet, she is as flawless as the finest diamond ever cut by a master jeweler. Perfection is not limited to her beautiful, 7 pound, 14 ounce body, with skin so soft you scarcely feel it when you touch her. Every part of her human and spiritual existence is unblemished, perfectly made in love, without even the hint of sin.  In this moment, Renee only knows trust, love, and faith, no other worldly feeling or emotion has stained the brilliant white light that fills her tiny body. The strength in Renee’s hands when she grips my finger, just moments after she entered our world, unleashes love in me so powerful that I welcomed the tears that swelled in my eyes.  The last time I felt love so pure and strong was when each of my children was born.  Now I am beginning to understand how much God loves me, and what He sees when He looks at me.

The Bible tells us in Acts that everyone who believes in Him is set free from sin.  We are also told that God no longer perceives our sin, that our transgressions, past present and future, have been wiped clean.  But we do sin and make mistakes every day.  We are flawed humans who try to do what is right, but as we grow older our white light dims, and what was once pure becomes spoiled.  At least, that is how we often see ourselves.  God has a different vision.

When I look at Renee, or even think about her, I only comprehend perfection in heart and mind, and feel only love and joy.  My thoughts about her are pure. God sees me as I see Renee, perfect in every way, unspoiled; never blemished.  But, Renee will grow, and as with everyone, she will make mistakes.  I will show my imperfection by letting anger, disappointment, or another negative feeling invade our relationship.  What was once pure love will become a mixture of likes, dislikes and expectations.  Love will always be the primary ingredient, but it will not be the only one.

God is not human, and therefore He is not bound to our mistakes.  God will continue to embrace me until the end of time, with the same intense love and joy as I feel for Renee today.  Only God’s ability to love is so much greater than mine, it is like comparing a swimming pool to an ocean.  Both contain water, but the comparison ends there. 

God sees us as a flawless newborn baby – every day of our life.

Thank you Renee, for showing me again, the possibilities of the human heart, and the grace of God’s.



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