Packing the Suitcase

At the moment I am somewhere between Los Angeles and Mexico City, at 37,000 feet aboard Aero Mexico flight 18. Looking out my window in row 12, I see the Gulf of California; it’s a hazy morning, so distinguishing any details of the land is hard. The best I can perceive is that the water is blue and the land, brown. I should have been a detective with skills like that.

We will be traveling for nine days and could only take one bag, so it was important to pack the right items; a combination of things I need, and possessions that are important to me. We are going to a beach in a tropical area, so bathing suits, suntan lotion, cotton tee shirts, and square bottom shirts with wildly colored flowers splashed across a black background are necessities. Of course, your basic toiletries fit into that category as well, as does my passport. Some cash, not too much, and a credit card, a camera and sandals completes my must have list. It doesn’t seem like a big list but, I still found myself on the bedroom floor with one knee on the bag and perspiration dotting my forehead as I forced the zipper closed. The person at the check in counter listed the bag weight at 46 pounds, just shy of the maximum.

Now, what about those possessions that are important to me? My wife is with me, and while she certainly is not a possession by any means, she tops the list of most important. I have my Bible, two in fact, and pictures of the kids; but that is all. It appears that my inventory of important stuff is a bit lacking. Or maybe, I am looking in the wrong places. The important stuff, the possessions that matter the most can’t be put in a suitcase or stuffed in a carry-on bag, because they are a part of us. Our attitude, character, and faith are what we need to bring, and display for the world to see; especially when traveling out of the country. It is easy to stress over choosing the right clothes to bring on a trip; we all do that. How much more important is it though, to demonstrate our faith to the strangers we meet. The tie I wear should match the shirt and jacket; the words I speak must show my character and love of God. A positive attitude leaves an impression that lasts.

A stranger will not remember the shoes you are wearing, but they will remember the kindness, and respect that you show.

God needs to be the first item in the suitcase.

Thanks for reading.

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