Cows Standing In a Field

Driving to work I pass by many fields supporting various agricultural delights: corn, tomatoes, grapes, pears, and peaches to name a few.  The most interesting field though, is the one that houses the cows.  Big, Black Angus and white faced Herefords stand majestically, always seeming to face in the same direction, their heads slowly dropping down to pull up a pound or so of grass, then slowly raising again to munch their lunch.  I noticed that they never actually finish lunch; it is an endless goal the cows keep trying to reach – all day long.  At first glance, cows may seem less sophisticated than almost anything; not very interesting at all, but on closer inspection the average Angus reveals a methodic intelligence and sense of purpose that is easily overlooked.  That big, smelly, slow moving creature may even display brief moments of wisdom.

Consider for a moment, the life of a cow, and how they tirelessly work to provide meaning, and hope to others.  Again, not in an outwardly prideful way, but quietly, peacefully, and (always) slowly, in a humble mode.  Here are just a few of the many attributes of the cow:

  • ·         Cows have a sense of duty – they eat all day long like it is for a higher calling.  Cows don’t take breaks, or ask for a lunch hour.  They even eat on their way to work, and they work seven days a week.
  • ·         They protect and nourish their young.  A momma cow hovers near its calf, providing food and safety – so long as the calf never tries to eat mom’s grass. (It’s a self preservation thing.)
  • ·         They act as part of a team – standing and moving together.  In a herd there are no solo cows, because if there are, the wolves get them.  Cows are a unified team acting as one body in search of their goal – green grass.
  • ·         When asked, they will join a person for dinner, or afternoon BBQ.  We have cows at our house for a BBQ almost every weekend, and when I go to Safeway to invite them, the cow always says yes.  Cows are very polite.
  • ·         They have a rich history of movie making, working alongside such greats as John Wayne, Glenn Ford, and Clint Eastwood, in fast paced action scenes (usually running toward a river or cliff).  Even as big time Hollywood stars, cows remain ever so humble.

So, now we have learned that the humble cow is a mighty force for family, duty, teamwork and dinner; a bright light in these every-once-in-a-while dark times. Cows may even be considered wise.  Or, maybe not; but at least the smelly, methane producing friend for dinner can be thought of differently when we see them standing alongside the freeway.

My thought this week is this: all wisdom comes from God, the Bible tells me this for sure.  But the Bible does not explain in certainty how God will demonstrate His wisdom.  God says He likes to use the foolish as His messenger; He likes the unworthy to become the pinnacle of His story.  Not all the time; sometimes He uses intelligent, dedicated sinners like Paul to lead entire nations into the light, or pure hearted, fire breathing orators like Martin Luther King Jr., to convince a country to change its direction.  Often though, God uses the less fortunate, like Mother Teresa and her Calcutta Mission, to show the world true love, and enduring wisdom.  God uses people, of all persuasions or place, of every nation and economic background to reveal His wisdom.  Sometimes, He might even use cows in a field, to show us the wisdom He used when He designed our world.

Thanks for reading.

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