There is an old saying that “change is inevitable.”  I suppose that is right, and I know that every major scientist from Galileo to Einstein would agree, since we are on a rock that is circling the sun even when we are sitting perfectly still (impossible to do), we are in motion and thus there is constant change around us.  Their point is well taken, each new day has a different period of daytime than the previous, the temperature changes every day and night; humidity, wind speed – the list of measurements can go on forever, and they will all support the old saying about change. So the outside environment changes constantly, not only where you are, but from place to place as well.  For instance, six days ago I was standing on a warm beach, it was 85 degrees outside, and the humidity was 75%.  Today at home, it is a not-so-balmy 45 degrees and raining.  (That is a weather change that I could do without!)  When you ride a motorcycle, the temperature can change dramatically every minute as you move from shade to sun.  How about inside changes, are they inevitable as well?  I know this; it must have been the external environmental factors, probably humidity, that caused all of my clothing to shrink while on vacation, because everything fit tighter going home than when we arrived.  Some changes we consider good, and look forward to its arrival, and some we fight, not wanting that aspect of our life to change.  Certain changes we wait to happen, and there are some important matters that will never change.  For instance:

Changes that are favorable

  • Leaves turning bright colors with the onset of Autumn
  • My lawn doesn’t grow so fast in the Winter (less work)
  • Today we are one day closer to Christmas (I love Christmas)

Changes that are not as favorable

  • Those bright colored leaves fell to the ground and need to be picked up
  • My clothes didn’t really shrink, I expanded
  • The hair that is left on my head is turning grey
  • It is cold outside and predicted to stay that way for a long time

Changes that need to happen

  • Stop the daylight savings time change – it’s too confusing
  • All Kardashian’s need to be banned from TV, magazines, radio, internet, for one year (obvious reason)
  • No more political speeches until one week before the election (very obvious reason)

Changes that will never happen (A constant in life)

  • The current politician will blame the former for all existing and future problems (I feel very confident in this prediction)
  • My marriage – we take our vows seriously
  • My salvation – it was a free gift to me that I cannot return
  • My faith – once the seed was planted it will never die
  • God – since He is the author of change, He can choose not to

One of the ways to have, not only peace, but fun in life, is to understand what can change, and what cannot.  Then, do not tiptoe into those areas of life that are meant to change, but enthusiastically jump into them, showing a fearless desire to embrace the inevitable. 

And for the unchangeable?  With the exception of the politician, I give thanks every day that I should be so lucky a man.

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