We were talking at my Bible study last Wednesday about how God will come to us no matter where we are at.  We can be in a time where life is good; there is peace at home, the job is good; or maybe in a place when life isn’t so peaceful.  Maybe there isn’t a job, or it’s not the one you want.  Maybe the peace at home isn’t real, and the underlying stress is chewing through your insides.  Maybe some days are really good and some are just OK.  One thing is certain, everyone is going through something that is stressful, or if they aren’t, then someone they love is.  Our belief is that God is standing right next to every one of us, all of the time, helping to make the day better even if we don’t ask for help.  He doesn’t solve all of our problems, He makes it easier for us to solve them ourselves, and so we exit the troubled times in better shape.  At the Bible study, we talked mostly about the where and when of our interactions with God.  Today, I want to explore the who in our relationship with God.

The headlines were really crummy this week.  Unemployment is up again, there are more American’s living in poverty than ever before, and then there was that terrible tragedy at the Reno Air Races.  While I personally had a very good week, as I predicted, someone I love did not. When I was reflecting on what to do or how to feel, I remembered something that I wrote several years ago, at the start of the recession (I put it in the book too).  It seems appropriate again, because it reminds me that not only does God know where I am, he knows who I am too. 


I am who God says I am


I am not a victim.

I am not a recession, downturn, or recovery.

I am not a social security number, phone number, or account number.

I am not employed, unemployed or under-employed.

I am not rich, well off, poor, or broke.

I am not average.

I am not a small, medium, large, or extra-large.

I am not alone.

I am not on my way to the top, nor am I on the bottom.

I am not lost.

I am not a Republican, Democrat, Independent, or Green.

I am not a race, color, sex, or religion.

I am not too young or too old.

I am not forgotten.


Because, God says –


I am one of a kind.

I am a beautiful child of the creator of the universe, a friend to the only true God.

I am a believer, not because of what He has done, but because of who He is.

I am a treasure that is loved and protected.

I am His.

I am forgiven.

I am renewed.

I am loved.

I am enough.


So, because of who He is and what He has been –


I know how to love.

I know how to forgive.

I know how to live in faith.

I know how to believe.

I know how to care.

I know peace.

I am who God says I am.



No matter where you are at: up, down, or lost; try to remember who you are.  God knows your name, address, telephone number and Facebook page.  More importantly, He knows your heart.


Thanks for reading.

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