Home is Where I Want to be

I love to go home;


In a car or on a plane,

On a bike or in a train,

At the end of the day or the end of a week,

It is home I love to seek.


Home is where I want to be,

To go and see my family,

And my dog, who barks when I come or go

But stays at home – when I say so.

My kids who have moved away,

But come home most every day.

Whether leaving work, or ending lunch you see

Going home is the best for me.


I’ve been to Spain and to France,

Neither made me want to dance.

China and Korea too

I’d sooner be in a zoo.

I’ve seen hotels that go on forever

With rooms that overflow in splendor.

I’ve sailed on yachts bigger than the ocean blue,

And rode on trains that stretch from me to you.


Golf, dinner – close the deal

At the beach to see a seal,

Drive the car all around the city,

To see the people looking pretty.

I saw a bird wrapped in blue,

And a tiger in the zoo.

I saw a river wide and long,

I heard a band play a song.


All of these are nice you see,

But they’re just not for me.

Give me peace and tranquility

Home is where I want to be.

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4 thoughts on “Home is Where I Want to be

  1. Amen to this!! Reminds me of the story I used to read to my children, now I read it to my grandchildren~~The Best Nest ~~ it’s home.

  2. Michael,

    I so enjoyed your story. I can relate to it, as I’ve been traveling a lot in my job lately.

    I too look forward to home each day.

    Keep writing cousin…. I really enjoy it!

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